7 Responses to WTF Pepsi?!

  1. charlesdavis says:

    I kind of like the new pepsi logo……….I also like the 1950s one as well.

  2. Kevin Coté says:

    So I decided to check the polls today and I was shocked! I labled the first two years wrong…damn it. But I was just as surprised to see people choose the 2001 logo and the 1973 logo. Hope the poll has more input, 49 people so far, next goal is 100!!!

  3. Nicole says:

    I was just searching the web for Pepsi can pictures through the years and came upon this…

    I agree, I don’t care for the new can. It just looks… bland? Maybe boring. But as a kid that grew up in the 90s, those are the cans I love and miss! (I never drank much soda, but still.)

  4. mikkromanager says:

    this logo is a try to break out from the symmetry, beeing freaky.
    that would have been ok (not really..but i would try to accept it!).
    but the font is definately too much. are they trying to be design???
    pepsi is not gucci, is not cK and is definately not dior. so why beeing slim?
    also the time of this slim fonts is over.

    they should have gone back..retro look. back to the 70´s.
    why nobody asked me 😉

  5. Jerome says:

    I totally agree with the above comments.. I don’t understand why the need to revamp their logo. This new logo type and font is not appealing and very bad to represent a FMCG product.

    The new look give people a very distant, isolated and industrial likeness. In fact, the new can drink reminds me of petrol oil.

    This is definitely one of the worse re-branding exercise I ever since.

  6. Zweiblum says:

    I totally agree! I saw the new logo in a cinema ad and couldn’t believe it.
    First only the logo was shown and i asked my wife what that should be: Has pepsi a queer new logo?
    So I recognised it, you see, but I think only for the colours.

    I think, the people at pepsi thought, they had to get on that retro-design train. Why the designers mixed that up with a totally unappropriated typeface leaves me clueless.

    In germany we had (and nowadays have again) some smaller companies who produce cola lemonade. They died in the early 80ties and were now revitalized as the retro-boom kicked in. Their logos have quite a resemblance to the pepsi logo.

    All in all I think that this Pepsi logo will be future demonstration material how NOT to face lift a company CI. Although pepsi should try to keep a fresh and young image, the logo should still show, that they are one of the two only global players on the coke market.

    Greetings from germany.

  7. Jurgen says:

    I think the new logo is cool, its not awesome but its cool and I like the retro look they gave it, maybe not with the letter but with the bald can thing. Personally I really like the new pepsi font and the logo goes along fine. I its a good change. They needed a new logo and something that was way to “design” would have sucked. Dunno thats my opinion. jeje

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