Brooklyn Summer Ale

brooklyn_summer_ale.jpgAs summer moves on I come to my third summer style of beer.  To be honest with you I picked this one out this week because of the packaging, which makes me think of summer and the beach. My boss told me I would like this a lot if I enjoyed the Harpoon. Which I did indeed.


The Brooklyn Brewery also has a pretty amazing flash based website so be sure to check it out. This ale that is gold in color and has a soft kind of bready taste to it with a nice little hoppy kick on the finish. Very easy drinking and just an all around freat summer beer. I know what I will be taking with me while I frisbee golf tomorrow! So give this baby a try and let me know what you think!


About Kevin Coté

I am a graphic design consultant and freelance designer by trade. I have been working for M&R Liquors for 5 years now and have enjoied the liquor industry. Here my thoughts that will range from Design and Liquor to Politics and Movies...but mostly Design and Liquor.
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