Shipyard Summer Ale

We come to yet another summer beer that I pick out because of the packaging. Honestly this is probably my favorite package next to the Brooklyn summer package.


Straight out of Portland, Maine is where Shipyard’s brews come from and they do a splendid job in upholding the east coast image of greatness. This golden ale is the perfect way to feel refreshed out in the hot summer sun. A classic American wheat beer with a low hoppy, clean, and cool taste that makes this another thumbs up from me for the summer. Give it a try and let me know how it was.


About Kevin Coté

I am a graphic design consultant and freelance designer by trade. I have been working for M&R Liquors for 5 years now and have enjoied the liquor industry. Here my thoughts that will range from Design and Liquor to Politics and Movies...but mostly Design and Liquor.
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2 Responses to Shipyard Summer Ale

  1. charlesdavis says:

    I feel like anything with the word summer in it automatically must taste better. I know its solely marketing but man it works on n00bs like me

    • Kevin Coté says:

      That isn’t nessicarly true. It is the light body of the beer and the citrus flavoring that makes it taste better in the hot summer weather. It would taste fine in other seasons but it is much more refreshing in hot summer weather. Marketing plays some role but not as big as you think.

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