Logo Redesigns

I have been looking around the web looking at other designers work to get inspiration and just see what other designers are doing. I personally enjoy looking at logopond.com since I have seen nothing but great design from the people who post there. Anyways I wanted to see what big name companies have been up to and if any have botched up there identities like Tropicana and Pepsi have. And oh did I find some doozies, but some good ones too.

First I noticed a while ago that Animal Planet changed their logo…why? I will never know. Lets be honest now…it looks like garbage. I am assuming that they made the M sideways so that it looks like zebra stripes but seriously? The old logo made sense, an elephant and a planet…done. The new logo is a failure up and down.


Next I was looking on a tech website and noticed that Sandisk updated there logo and boy was it a good one. The old one was just silly and had a very childish shape following the logo type. The new logo is basically the old one without the little shape clinging on for dear like a rotting corpse. The typeface also changed for the better. Now it is a sanserif instead of a more modern looking face. All in all a very good change.


Since I work in the liquor industry I had to do one in that realm. Anheuser Busch was bought out by Inbev and when the two merged they created the perfect storm. The new logo is no doubt American in nature do to the eagle but it was bought by a Belgian company. And why does it look like something taken from Microsoft clip art? And the typeface? The AB looks just like the Art Institutes logo. The whole thing is just an inappropriate logo for the larges brewer in the world or for any brewery for that matter.


Next on my list is Xerox. One would think that the creators of the graphical user interface would have a smashing logo…well they did. Once again an example of a company that didn’t need to update their look because it was already well known to their customer base. The new logo looks juvenile and please the sphere with an X in it belongs to Xbox you morons. The old logo may have seemed to look boring but it was classic and we all knew it.


Capital One the credit card company also had a logo update…or should I saw they saw a pair of Nike shoes and said, “We need that!” They change some colors and add a swoosh into the mix…awesome. But no it isn’t the same it is upside down! Why are people so dumb?


I don’t even know what the last logo is for. I personally have never heard of this company, probably because I am an American. The reason I post this one is because this just makes me want to drive a burning bus into an orphanage. Over the top? I don’t think so. Who in their right mind thought this was the greatest idea ever? Grey background…White Circle…and the type underneath in white. It isn’t even centered!!! What the hell does this logo even say? We are boring die cuts that present European news? Who would ever watch any of their news with a logo like this? Granted their previous logo is no work of art, but at least it isn’t a design abortion.


Before a company decides to take on a new look they must think to themselves; do we need a fresh look? Will our current customer base be upset? Will the new logo express to people what we are about? Companies have to realize that they are redoing their identity as a company and that the new logo must communicate that effectively. If the customer is confused about what the logo has to say about the company then the branding is a failure.


About Kevin Coté

I am a graphic design consultant and freelance designer by trade. I have been working for M&R Liquors for 5 years now and have enjoied the liquor industry. Here my thoughts that will range from Design and Liquor to Politics and Movies...but mostly Design and Liquor.
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