Chimay Grand Réserve

The benefits of working at a liquor store is that when it is your birthday your bosses give you beer as a gift. This year they got me the best gift yet, Chimay’s Grand Réserve. One of my bosses, Geoff, told me that this was the best beer he had ever had until he tried another high end Belgium beer than knocked his socks off. I can’t remember the name of that beer, but I will be trying that since I have now had the best beer I have ever had!


The Chimay Grand Réserve was about as expensive as most bottles of wine, coming out to around 16 bucks, and boy was it worth it. I guess it would have been more worth it if I had actually bought it, but it was equally as satisfying to receive it as a gift. When I opened the bottle it was like opening a fine champagne. The cork went flying and so did the aroma into the air. The light roasted malt taste is spectacular and is so smooth it’s scary. The right amount of bitterness and the greatest chocolate taste in the finish maybe even a light taste of coffee and almonds. This Trappist beer is by far my favorite beer and I am only dreaming of having the one that will top this exceptional Belgium beer.


About Kevin Coté

I am a graphic design consultant and freelance designer by trade. I have been working for M&R Liquors for 5 years now and have enjoied the liquor industry. Here my thoughts that will range from Design and Liquor to Politics and Movies...but mostly Design and Liquor.
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