Birch’s Saftey Matches and Lighters

So it has been a while since I posted anything about design so I felt the need to bring it back. I am in the process of trying to get my college degree in the graphic arts and unfortunately I have to suffer through a 5th year of school. But I am gaining more knowledge so I guess it isn’t no bad.

Currently I am in a design history class that goes through the history of design and we are assigned a project for each major period. For each project we have to design within using the style we are currently learning about. This is seriously an awesome class that gives you great skills that can be used after college, and broadens your design style horizons.

The first assignment was to design and produce the logo and packaging for a specialty match stick company based in Bar Harbor, Maine. But we had to use Victorian style design. Hard to come up with ideas for this one since Victorian style is all over the place. But here is what I cam up with. In my sketches, as you will see once I put them up, I stuck with a nautical theme and went crazy with the anchor. I ended up going with the idea of having the name Birch’s, the sub heading “Saftey Matches and Lighters”, and the tag line I made up to create an anchor around the match stick. I put this final design on a metal tin which used to hold Camel cigarettes and the design on the cover looked amazing. I placed the strike pad on the bottom and used matches that would be roughly the size of a cigarette. Now putting the design on the tin was a challenge. I used a decal at first and that failed miserably, so I am now resorting to finding sticker printing paper to put apply it on.


This is the product I turned in, but some advice from my professor has caused me to redo some things before I decide to put it into my portfolio. The newer version will come later. Enjoy and feel free to say hateful things or helpful things about it. I will also include a picture of the packaging once my professor gives it back.

Here is the new one based on the feedack from others and the professor.

Birch's Final

Here are the long awaited sketches! Enjoy!




About Kevin Coté

I am a graphic design consultant and freelance designer by trade. I have been working for M&R Liquors for 5 years now and have enjoied the liquor industry. Here my thoughts that will range from Design and Liquor to Politics and Movies...but mostly Design and Liquor.
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2 Responses to Birch’s Saftey Matches and Lighters

  1. charlesdavis says:

    I like this.

  2. I like it! I was reading through after seeing the picture to know if it was your work or indeed a vintage matchbook cover.

    The only thing I might change is not to have the match break up the text. It reads okay at first but then I wondered if maybe it was supposed to say Birich or Bir-Ch or something.

    Nice work!

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