iPad: Work in Progress

So today Apple fan boys (including me) were drooling as Steve revealed the long-awaited mac tablet. Although it looks aaaamazing the name kinda made me worry a bit. The iPad? Really Steve? Whoever names these products needs to make sure they understand the jokes that can be amassed from the product name. The iTab would have been my choice, but unfortunately Apple hasn’t responded to my application yet, so maybe next year.

I have nothing to say about the design, because let’s be honest, this is beautiful. I do; however, have some gripes about a number of missing features and options I wish they had included in the 1st generation for this device.

  1. Camera – Why spend all that money and not have an iSight in there?
  2. Multi-Tasking – Obviously they also need this for the iPhone and I agree with a statement by Kevin Rose on his blog about this topic. Apple should at least make it possible for you to run 2 or 3 apps at the same time.
  3. Display Port – Let’s make it so you can show off your content on a bigger screen.
  4. 3G coverage with other providers – Please don’t just use AT&T!!! I feel like this is a cry from the Israelites in Egypt that isn’t being heard by God. People hate AT&T that have the iPhone, so lets not dance around this issue anymore and at least pick up Verizon.
  5. Pen – This one is more of just my personal wish than of the masses, but I want to see a pen for this tablet in the near future before I buy this.
  6. Battery – It is a pain in the butt. Just let us be able to replace it instead of trying to make us fork over more money to have Steve Jobs replace it for a “small” fee.

I really want to buy this computer and would even have it replace my laptop. I am also a graphic designer and could see this being an amazing tool for me and others, but it isn’t there yet. I also have some questions about some of the features such as the ability to read books. Will this screen cause strain on my eyes? They never addressed this issue in the keynote or in the descriptions on Apple’s website. Other than these things I think this is an awesome product and will be buying one once my MacBook craps the bed (crossing my fingers for later and not sooner).


About Kevin Coté

I am a graphic design consultant and freelance designer by trade. I have been working for M&R Liquors for 5 years now and have enjoied the liquor industry. Here my thoughts that will range from Design and Liquor to Politics and Movies...but mostly Design and Liquor.
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1 Response to iPad: Work in Progress

  1. charlesdavis says:

    Totally dig the review man. Yeah I agree with almost everything there especially the name. I don’t know if you saw the keynote at the time of writing this post or not but the pay as you go plan is pretty amazing I think (even though its through AT&T).
    With the Multi-tasking bit I completely agree with you BUT I was thinking about this myself, how I am not sure what I would even want to multi-task. The only thing I could come up with was maybe iChat while surfing the internet or something but that problem is solved with push notifications. I do it sometimes when I’m on my iPhone. I can surf the net or be playing a game and I will get a text message like message on the screen that says which buddy Instant Messaged me. This is an assumption, but I ASSUME it will be able to play music while surfing the internet or playing certain games being that the iphone does that now. With those two things I couldn’t imagine anything else that “I” myself would want to multi-task on this device. (There certainly WONT be bittorrenting so that is a definite no)

    I am also thinking about having this replace my laptop assuming I am fully able to accomplish my homework on the device. I’m glad to hear you are positive about it because I was worried I was the only apple fan boy fully consumed by the brainwashing in our group of friends.

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