Kona Wailua Wheat

Summer has arrived again and now it is time to try all those summer beers I missed last time around. Since I enjoy Kona brewery’s Longboard summer lager I have decided to try out their other brews. First on my list is the Wailua Wheat, which wasn’t fantastic, but is a nice refreshing beer to enjoy this summer.

With a nice taste of passion fruit squeezed in there it sure hits the spot while lying around in the sun. The Wailua Wheat is very refreshing and is actually pretty good with some vinalla ice cream. The Longboard still holds its place as my favorite of the Kona brews, but still worth picking up for sure.

On a more artsy fartsy level I love all the illustration work on the labels and packaging, which definitely attracts my attention first.


About Kevin Coté

I am a graphic design consultant and freelance designer by trade. I have been working for M&R Liquors for 5 years now and have enjoied the liquor industry. Here my thoughts that will range from Design and Liquor to Politics and Movies...but mostly Design and Liquor.
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