Saranac Summer Ale

It’s that time of year again…okay it’s not here yet, but not according to the breweries! Already the summer beers have begun to pour into stock at the liquor store. I will be doing some repeat reviews this summer, but only if this years batch has gone sour or improved from last year.

Already I am seeing new summer beers that I have not seen before, like Saranac’s Summer Ale, not to be confused with their Summer Beer/Lemonade Ale. All in all it is a pretty decent summer beer, light, refreshing, lemon twist (but surprisingly subtle). Not my pick of the litter, but when I tried my second bottle I was actually enjoying it. For a lot of people the lemon finish killed it for them, but it didn’t bother me so much.

The label and six pack packaging didn’t do anything for me visually, they pretty much stuck with the Saranac look, which I guess isn’t a bad thing. Check it out once it gets warmer out…depending on where you are that might be all year round…bastards.

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Protects from Extinction

So upon getting the iPad 2, I decided I needed a bad ass case to carry it around in. Back when the first iPad came out I heard about the DoDo from a blog post by Kevin Rose and fell in love with everything about it. I knew that when I got my first iPad I would have to buy a DoDo case for it. And thus brings us to now…

First let me say, their packaging for this was awesome. A very simple cardboard sleeve, kind of like a case for a special edition DVD or CD. I absolutely loved the debossed printing on the cover and sides. But my favorite part was the personalized little note inside thanking the customer for their business, gives it even more of that craftsmen/hand-built touch.

As for the case itself it looks awesome! The bamboo cradle perfectly fits the iPad 2 design and holds it in tight, but not to the point where you have trouble removing it. I do however have trouble accessing the volume and orientation lock, but other than that no problems. The book bound feel is also wonderful and holding this thing feels very natural and not too heavy. Also has some propping positions making it all around functional. I value the DoDo as much as my iPad for the same reason; they are both beautifully crafted pieces of art…and they were both on the expensive side.

If you are looking for a case for your iPad, Kindle, and now BlackBerry PlayBook…I would have to recommend you check out the DoDo case. Check their site for more information and cool videos about the products and the production process.

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I have returned…with an iPad!

What the heck have I been doing all this time you ask? Being incredibly lazy, that’s what. But I do not come back to the blogging world empty handed…I got an iPad. Big friggan deal right? Well when your MacBook of 4.5 years starts to sounds like a race car engine…you start to search for a replacement.

Anyways I will making comments regarding the iPad 2 and app reviews from time to time, but mostly I will stick to beer and design stuff. I will be posting updates via twitter and Facebook so check either one for new posts. Looking forward to getting back into the blogging game. Keep it fresh web heads.

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Brooklyn Local 1

Let me start by saying, I LOVE Brooklyn Brewery and the beers they produce. They are probably my favorite brewery in the northeast and maybe in the US as a whole. With that out-of-the-way, Brooklyn’s Local 1…I hated it.

I was absolutely surprised that I hated something from this brewery this much. From all the hype the website and reviews gave this beer I thought it was gonna be pretty good, but boy was I disappointed. On the pour it had a golden color to it, a lot lighter than I expected. The light color lead me to believe that the Local 1 would be just my kinda beer, non-hoppy. But hops had nothing to do with this belgium inspired strong golden ale, it was overwhelmingly sweet. I finished maybe half a glass and had to pour the rest out. Other than the sweetness it left a very nasty aftertaste in my mouth, still can’t pinpoint it. My parents tried it, thinking maybe I was an idiot, but they both had the same reaction. It pained me to pour the rest of the bottle out, maybe I should have poured it out in front of an alcoholic instead…

Even though the beer wasn’t what I was expecting at all I still think the bottle and label are cool (the design nerd side of me), so I am keeping the bottle and cork. This only cost me around $10 (with my discount) which is better than the $15 regular price, so I would say unless you are a Brooklyn fan and want to give the Local 1 a shot…save your self some money.

I just bought the Brooklyner-Schneider Hopfen-Weisse (a mouthful) and I am very hopeful about my second tasting of the “big bottles”…more on that later.

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2011 Resolutions for a Personal Revolution

It’s that time of year again, the end of the year, when we review our past year and attempt to make improvements upon ourselves for the one to come. My resolutions for this past year were these:

  • Be frugal with my money
  • Save money for a car
  • Get better with CSS and HTML
  • Switch my site over from Flash to CSS based
  • Graduate
  • Accept Gingers as human beings
  • Read 3 new books
  • Practice my fine art skills (Painting, Drawing, Sculpting maybe)
  • Finish Final Fantasy 7
  • Try more wines

I am sorry to say I didn’t complete the list, but even getting though the ones I did was good enough for me. Here is the review.

I tried being more frugal with my money, but failed. I am now using to budget my money better, so it’s a slow process.

I didn’t have to save money for a car, my pops bought me one as a graduation present…pretty bad ass.

Next was improving my HTML and CSS skills, I wouldn’t say I’m a wizard at it yet, but I have improved a lot.

I still haven’t switched my website over to CSS/HTML based…I did take down my Flash site and started using as an online portfolio though.

I did succeed in graduating from college, bonus.

The gingers thing will never happen.

I did read some books this year, but only 2 new ones.

I never practiced my fine art skills, but I am gonna roll that one over to this year too.

Finally, FINALLY! I beat Final Fantasy 7…it was epic to say the least.

And I tried a ton of new wines, most I didn’t even have to buy. Ahhh the benefits of working at a liquor store.

Now with this year in my mind I now make my 2011 Resolutions list in the hopes that I may continue to personal revolutionize my life for the better.

  • Being frugal with my money (loans are a pain, gotta do it)
  • Finish my website and not use tables to do it!
  • Update my portfolio
  • Finish the freelance projects on my plate
  • Upgrade from my crappy Macbook to either an iPad or an Air
  • Develope my fine art skills (oil painting, watercolor, sculpting)
  • Lose weight (have to use that gym in our basement, seriously)
  • Learn the basics of one new coding langauge (C++, PHP, Javascript, etc)

That is a very daunting list, but I am hoping to complete more than half of this at least.

And yes, I will never accept these things.

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Moosehead = ???

I usually drink beer, but when I want to have something tasteless I prefer Moosehead.

Every night when I’m closing up the liquor store with my co-workers, we like to enjoy a cool one before we set sail for home. Tonight my co-worker (Mason) and I decided to try the mystical Canadian brew, Moosehead. And boy was it absolutely tasteless.

Smelled a little funky at first, but the first sip was relatively decent and didn’t taste like moose piss. Mason and I agreed that it has very little if any taste at all. Super easy drinking and I honestly finished it in probably a good three minutes without even flinching. I could barely taste the alcohol and could probably pound back five more no problem. I like Canadian beers and I would prefer Molson over this any day, but if I was looking to drink a twelve pack and not get phased by having to drink that much…Moosehead all the way fellas.

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Woodchuck Winter Cider

As the fall comes to a close and the air becomes colder and colder the winter beer styles start to flood into M&R (the liquor store where I work). However the brew I tried today wasn’t a brew, but a hard cider from the wonderful people at Woodchuck. This past summer I discovered their summer cider, which was very tasty and now I have discovered their winter cider.

Woodchuck’s winter cider gives the combination of both french and american oak. The winter cider is aged in oak to give it a spectacular taste. Pours with an amber color and gives off a sweet apple aroma that geared me up. The flavor is of a fresh tart apple that leaves your mouth-watering for more. The smoke flavor is subtle and found on the finish. The oak taste does tend to linger for a few minutes in your mouth, but nothing to cry about. I was expecting to taste a lot of oak with a hint of apple, but it was the other way around making this a nice drink. Check this one out for sure if you like a good hard cider.

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